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In 2009, Bourn Hall acquired the Isis Fertility Centre on the Severalls Business Park, just off the A12 on the outskirts of Colchester. Although this Clinic has a smaller, more intimate setting than Bourn Hall, it has been specifically adapted to serve the needs of people who want fertility treatment.

We are proud that our quality of care and success rates are consistent across all the clinics in the Bourn Hall group working to the same high standards and core values.

We also run our own Patient Support Group entirely free of charge.

Latest Colchester Clinic Pregnancy Rates  2013 Highlights

Treatment Aged 37 and Under   Aged 38 and Above  
IVF with ICSI day 5 Blastocyst transfer 58.2% 53/91 41.7% 10/24
IVF with ICSI day 2/3 transfer 40.2% 33/82 34.9% 15/43
IVF with day 5 Blastocyst transfer 50.6% 178/319 38.9% 7/18
All treatments 45.9% 141/307 36.6% 41/112

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