Your Treatment Journey

Your Journey Through Fertility Treatments

What are your first steps?

If you’re hoping to secure NHS funding for your treatment

You should arrange to see your GP, who may refer you to a local hospital for consultations and possibly treatment. The hospital consultant may decide to refer you to an NHS approved specialist fertility centre, such as Bourn Hall Clinic.

If you choose us, we’ll get in touch and guide you through the next steps of your journey. This will include an individual consultation with one of our fertility specialist doctors.

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If you’re a self-funding patient

You can come along to one of our open days or evenings, to learn more about our facilities and treatments. It’s free to attend and you are under no obligation to receive your treatment with us.

To reserve a place, or arrange an initial consultation, please call us or complete our enquiry form.

What happens at your consultation?

At your initial consultation, one of our fertility specialist doctors will review your medical history (and that of your partner, if appropriate) and give you a full physical examination. For women this may include an internal examination and for men a semen analysis.

Your specialist will explore all the available options with you, and together you’ll agree a suitable course of treatment, prescribe the medication you’ll need and set a date for your treatment to start.

In some cases, we may not be able to start your treatment until we have the results of additional investigations, such as: an examination of the inside of your womb; an ultrasound scan of your womb, ovaries and pelvic organs; an analysis of certain hormone levels. We can carry out these tests at Bourn Hall Clinic, or you can go to another specialist or your own GP. Following these consultations and assessments, we’ll be in a better position to talk to you about your most appropriate treatment options.

How do you prepare for treatment?

To protect you, and the health of any child, we must perform certain standard blood tests before offering you treatment.

If you’re a prospective mother – or a prospective father needing surgery – with a body mass index (BMI) of over 30, you will ideally need to reduce this figure before starting treatment.

If you’re unsure about your BMI, or any other issues regarding your preparation for treatment, please see the advice of our Medical Director, Dr Thomas Mathews. He offers 10 Top Tips to help you improve your fertility.

What happens during your treatment?

Following your initial consultation, we’ll set a date for the start of your personal treatment plan and agree on a certain number of Clinic appointments. We’ll also arrange dates for your blood tests and ultra sound scans, and devise a tailored drug regime to support you on your journey.

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What counselling and support is available?


Whenever you need support, Bourn Hall Clinic’s trained independent counsellors are here to help – no matter what stage you’ve reached in your journey with us.

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Patient Support Groups

Independent fertility counsellors lead our Patient Support Groups, with evening meetings organised in response to your needs.

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