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At Bourn Hall specialist fertility centres we provide specialised services for the investigation and management of infertility. We can also offer gamete or embryo cryopreservation to patients before surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy and sperm freezing pre-vasectomy procedures.

To refer a self-funding patient, please write to our Medical Director – Dr Thomas Mathews – with a summary of the patient’s history, investigations and/or treatments to date.  For East of England NHS referrals, please send us the NHS proforma via fax (01954 717259) or email (

Dr Mathews and his Consultant colleagues will be available to answer questions from healthcare professionals.  Alternatively to discuss the possibility of Bourn Hall Clinic managing the infertility of one of your patients you can email to suggest a convenient time for him to call you.


Below we have some recent publications and presentations which you might like to view or download.  The first is a fertility leaflet aimed at patients, the second are newsletters sent out to GPs and Gynaecologists and the fourth is a presentation from Mr Oliver Wiseman, Consultant Andrologist at Bourn Hall, who often lectures on the subject of male infertility. A recent presentation regarding testicular factors of male infertility is available by clicking the icon below.

Paper copies can be requested via our contact form.

  • Fertility: what you need to know
    (for patients)
  • Fertility News
    Fertility News 2013
    (for GPs and Fertility Consultants)
  • Fertility News
    Fertility News 2014
    (for GPs and Fertility Consultants)
  • Fertility News
    Fertility News 2015
    (for GPs and Fertility Consultants)
  • Fertility News
    Fertility News 2016
    (for GPs and Fertility Consultants)

  • Male Infertility Presentation
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Thomas Mathews, Medical Director

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