Bourn Hall Fertility Fees


When you enquire about having treatment at Bourn Hall Clinic, we’ll give you our full Financial Information that’s valid at that time.  We appreciate it can be difficult to work out total costs, so our Enquiries team are here to give guidance to new patients.  The number for the Enquiries team is 01954 717 210. 

Please bear in mind that IVF costs and those of other treatments can change suddenly – for example drug prices can be particularly volatile – so it is important you ask for a current copy of the financial information when you arrange a consultation or treatment. 

Payment methods

To support our patients and allow greater access to the three cycles of IVF treatment recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), we have partnered with Access Fertility to offer a prepayment package which offers discounted fees on multiple cycles. One option includes a ‘money back guarantee’ for those who don’t have a baby at the end of their treatment

These packages are available exclusively to patients of Bourn Hall Clinics in the East of England.

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