Counselling & Support

Counselling & Support


Our counsellors are there for you whenever you need support – at any stage of your journey with us. 

Sometimes, your initial consultation may mean that our advice isn’t what you’d hoped to hear – we don’t want you to go through the emotional and financial expense of IVF when the odds are too highly stacked against you. In these situations, we’re committed to offering you support and counselling.

If we believe that treatment is advisable, our counsellors will help you throughout its course. Should the fertility treatment fail for any reason, we’ll support you and offer guidance on the options available.

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Fertility Support Group

Our Fertility Support Group held at Cambridge is led by our independent fertility counsellor Jackie Stewart and staff from the clinc. The Group give you the opportunity to talk to other people experiencing infertility, with members supporting each other on this emotional roller coaster of a journey.

The Group invites experts to speak on a range of topics that reflect the needs of individual members, and our counsellor can refer you to other support organisations.

Here are some quotes from patients who attended the Support Group:

“It was nice to be able to meet people in the same situation.  The speaker nights were really helpful especially from the embryology team, it gave a better insight as to what goes on behing the scenes and helped us understand treatment a lot more.”

“It was good getting to know other couples going through similar experiences, finding out you are not alone.”

“We found the meetings invaluable in their support.”

“It was good to hear different experiences from other patients.”

For more information, please contact Sharon Harper on 01954 717210.

Details of our forthcoming meetings can be found on the Events page.

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